In our close knit Family Associations it is always such a sad day when we lose someone we have known for many years. So today 29th October 2021 we sadly report that Stephen Sloan passed away in the Royal Victoria Hospital having been ill for a very short time. Stephen was very competitive and evented for many years with his horse called Donovan , ably supported by his wife Barbara and daughters Nichola & Shelley. He later went into partnership with Carole Boswell competing all around these islands and beyond with her beautiful dun horses, driven as a tandem. Stephen was totally dedicated to our sport, if not competing encouraging others to do well. He had many practical skills, able to fit out lorries and alter vehicles as advances in technology required. Laterally Stephen would have been seen as a steward saluting competitors as they entered and left the dressage arena. He was never known to pass an unkind word about anyone. Today we in N.i.c.d.a salute you Stephen Sloan and thank you for your help, encouragement, friendship and hospitality over so many years.. We will miss you as your family will , but we have lots of good memories to sustain us.

Tribute from Gordon Bell

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