Northern Ireland Carriage Driving Association Press Release 18/11/12

The Northern Ireland Carriage Driving Association held its annual Awards Dinner on Saturday 17th November in The Cohannon Inn, Dungannon. A great night was had by all in attendance, with plenty of craic and an opportunity to catch up with our friends and supporters once again. Following the recent AGM, the new committee members would like to thank the outgoing committee for all their dedication and hard work over the past year, as well as their organisation of a wonderful dinner dance. Awards were given for those who topped the league tables after a very challenging season, as well as a number of specific awards recognising prowess and dedication in dressage, including the Bill and Mary Bryson Friendship Quiach, awarded for the lowest average dressage score in the novice classes. This year, the Quiach went to Dawn O’Donnell, whilst the Encouragement Shield was presented to newcomer, Heather Henning after a wonderful debut season, topping the Allsorts class. The NICDA Sports Personality of the Year was voted for by club members on the night of the Dinner Dance, and this year went to Eugene and Vera Hegarty,in recognition of their unwaivering support and dedication to both the club and the sport in general. Congratulations to all our prize winners, and we look forward to another season of competition in 2013.


Novice Pony: Edith Crawford (Groom: Liz Coates)
Reserve: Judith McKeever (Groom: Vera Hegarty)
Novice Horse: Vincent Duggan (Groom: Billy McCombe)
Reserve: Dawn O’Donnell
Novice Pony Pairs: Rachel Campbell (Groom: Ian/Owen Campbell)
Reserve: Lisa Morrison (Groom: Alwyn Morrison)
Open Pony: Julie Ingram (Groom: Raymond Ingram)
Reserve: Sinead McIntyre (Groom: Jerome McIntyre)
Open Horse: Alex Bryson (Groom: Robert Johnston)
Reserve: Edwin Bryson (Groom: Leslie Mulholland)
Pony Pairs: Noel Stewart (Groom: Lauren Ferguson)
Joint Reserve: Eddie Ingram (Groom: Andrew Duckett) / John Goodwin (Groom: Eddie Goodwin)
Horse Pairs: Sean Mulholland (Groom: Billy Lamont)
Reserve: Ger Hennessy
TEAM: Brian O’Slattera (Grooms: Grace Hurrell and Kieran O’Callaghan)
Reserve: Richard Logan (Grooms: Jemma and Terry Logan)
Overall Novice Winner: Edith Crawford
Overall Open Winner: Alex Bryson
Junior Whip: Rachel Campbell
Encouragement Shield: Heather Henning
Bill and Mary Bryson Friendship Quiach: Dawn O’Donnell
Sports Personality of the Year: Eugene and Vera Hegarty  

Lauren Ferguson –  P.R.O.
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Message from Out-Going Chairman.

I would like to thank all those who helped with the dinner dance on Saturday past . Sinead for taking the booking and organising the table plan and printing all the information about the Marie Curie cancer fund .Edwin and Billy for collecting the ticket money and Ian, John and Jeffrey for taking charge of the raffle .Eileen and Eddie had the major task of collecting and sorting all the many cups and prizes. Sharon did a sterling job chasing up all the members and getting them to rattle their brains and think of a worthy winner for the sports personality for 2012. Dorothy with help from Edwin and Billy got the monies to add up totally correctly and The Cohannan was paid for what I think was a very good meal. Terry, Richard and Eugene put together a dvd of various events over the year which was entertaining viewing during the meal. Having thanked all those who helped I would also thank all those who attended the evening and I hope you all enjoyed it. I would like to thank the committee and the club members for the lovely leather document holder, it is an extremely useful gift and I am absolutely delighted with it. I know the dinner was my last official duty as chairman of the club so I wish the new chairman Ian Campbell and the new committee all the best for the incoming season . Best wishes for the christmas season to everyone . Sara Clinghan

Message from the past chairman Sara Clinghan.

Just wishing the new Chairman ,Ian Campbell and the New Committee all the best for the in coming year .I wish you all well and hopefully the weather will be kinder in 2013.

The 2012 season was difficult for everyone, those trying to keep their animals in work and nothing to go to and those who were good enough to try and run events and activities ,just to see them cancelled due to the weather.

Hopefully next season will be better and the calender will be full of activities for everyone to enjoy .. Wishing you all well.

Sara Clinghan