CAI-B event at Sandringham….Report From Terry Logan

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Brian O’Slatarra at Sandringham 2013 1
Brian O’Slatarra at 
Sandringham 2013 2
Emma Golding at Sandringham 2013
Dorothy Kelly at Obs Sandringham 2013
Barry Capstick at Sandringham 2013
Folke Rohrssen at Sandringham 2013

(Up-Date (July 4th) on Matt Were….Matt had his operation on his ankle and will be on his way home to-day or tomorrow … NICDA wish him good luck.)
Seven Irish competitors made the trip to the CAI-B event at Sandringham this weekend. Single horse dressage was held on Thursday, Matt Were had a good test and was placed 5th, while Dorothy Kelly achieved a qualification dressage score for the World Single Championships next year. Unfortunately Matt had a tip-up in obstacle 2 and suffered a broken ankle, and is currently in the local hospital awaiting an operation on Monday. Dorothy drove a steady marathon and cones, and finished in 7th place overall.

Brian O’Slattara was 5th in dressage, 3rd in the marathon, 6th in the cones and he finished a very creditable 4th overall.

Emma Golding was competing in the international Para Equestrian class. She had a very good dressage of 58.33, drove a steady marathon and cones to finish 9th overall.

Barry Capstick was 1st in dressage and marathon, 3rd in the cones and 1st overall. Folke Rohrssen was 3rd in dressage, 6th in marathon, 4th in cones and 4th overall. Annika Rohrssen was 6th in dressage, 7th in marathon, 7th in cones and 7th overall.

Well done and safe home to all those who made the trip. Also wishing Matt a speedy recovery.

Terry Logan