Training Day

     A very successful days training was held on Saturday using the excellent sand arena at Silverwood, Lurgan. Eight drivers including four new members availed of the experience and advice offered by Lewis Black (backstepping) Jeffrey Lyons (dressage) and Edwin Bryson (cones/obstacles).
Sincere thanks to them for giving their time and knowledge to help fellow club members and also to Eddie Dash for checking that everyone kept safe and sound!  If there is sufficient interest we will try and run a similar day’s training on
Saturday or Sunday 21st/22nd May.     Berry McCrae…

NICDA 2016 Year Book

The 2016 Year books are now available and can be collected at the training session on Saturday 23rd April and also at the Indoor/Outdoor at Portmore on 1st May.  the club is very grateful to Sara Clinghan who coordinated the printing of the booklets and also to Tom Carson for obtaining sponsorships towards the cost of printing.

Sports Massage Therapy

For those members of NICDA who couldn’t attend the talk giving by Janice Campbell at our 5 April Club Meeting, I would like to give them the opportunity to check out her website.Click this link

Holistic complimentary therapy combining hands on techniques to alleviate physical and mental stress and discomfort while restoring balance and harmony.