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Third All-Ireland Championships, Caledon 19/20th August, 2017
Over 50 competitors from Scotland, Cumbria, England and North and South of Ireland congregated at the beautiful Calendon estate, courtesy of the Earl and Countess of Caledon over the weekend of 19/20th August. What a setting and what an event, NICDA did us all proud, the compliments we have received from our visitors from across the water and from down South have all sung our praises and grateful thanks must be extended to Billy McCombe and Alwyn Morrison and team for the excellent course and real old-fashioned solid obstacles.
Even George Bowman was impressed with the situation and the whole setup of Caledon and hopes to come over again in two years time! Some of the competitors, particularly the less experienced found the marathon course to be testing, particularly in section A due to the recent wet weather and there were some very tired animals coming back to the lorries! Considering this was our first time at this new venue, the majority of organisation went very well, certainly there are a few issues which the committee will address at the debriefing meeting but overall everyone found the event to be enjoyable and certainly worthy of the title, the All-Ireland Championships.

Well Done to everyone who contributed to make this one of the most memorable events in our 40 year history!!

Champions and Reserve Champions

Crystal : Sara Hughes

Pre-Novice Pony: Gina Morrison – Kris Rohrssen

Pre-Novice Horse: Dominic Muldoon – Dawn O’Donnell

Novice Pony; Rachel Campbell – Judith Lyttle

Novice Horse: Sara Clinghan – Don Walsh

Novice Pony Pairs: Christine Wright

Paras: Lucy Barclary Emma Golding

Intermediate Pony: Linda Applebe

Intermediate Horse; Jane Isaac

Open Pony: Des Sheridan – Julie Ingram

Open Horse: Edwin Bryson – Alex Bryson

Open Pony Pairs: Ross Ewing – Denise Taylor

Open Horse Pairs; Ger Hennessey – Robert McNeill

Adv. Horse Pairs: Folke Rohrssen

Pony Fours; Angela Smith – Richard Logan

Horse Fours: Mark Carruthers – George Bowman