Glenamaddy Co. Galway..One day World cup style event Sunday 29th September.

One day World cup style event Sunday 29th September. Marathon vehicles and dress, back protectors etc. 
Outdoors on a very large all weather arena,Three classes Very small pony, Single and Multiple. Two rounds in the am and two rounds in the afternoon.Ball down five seconds, lowest overall score wins, over all the rounds Entry fee €20 Phone 0868179175 
Entries Close Tuesday 24th September.
There will be a cattle show, dog show, trades stands along with a ploughing match. There are permanent toilets, stables and restaurant for the weekend.
Any one travelling a distance are welcome to arrive on Saturday please let me know with your entry your planned day of arrival and potential time so I can let the Committee know.
Stabling will be provided free of charge, bring your own hay and bedding, there is no corralling or stabling off vehicles allowed. Please confirm with entry how many stables and how many nights you need them for.
You must be a member of CDI or NICDA in order for you entry to be accepted.