Important Message – Dressage Tests

Dressage Tests for the 2022 Season – Please Note!

BC has reviewed their dressage tests for 2022. There have been a number of changes to tests – a small change has been made to BC Test 2 (now labelled 2022) and most notably, the adoption of FEI tests for all Open and Advanced classes.  

NICDA and HSI Carriage Driving have both agreed not to follow BC with regards to adopting the FEI Dressage Tests at our club events.  Please note that any Open and Advanced drivers who wish to use the FEI tests at club events who wish to complete in GB or abroad will be facilitated. 

The following dressage tests will be used at club events by both clubs North and South in 2022. Prenovice Class and VSE/Small Pony Class – BC Pre Novice Test (2008) *NO CHANGE

Novice Single Horse and Novice Single Pony classes – BC Novice Test (2021) *NO CHANGE

 Open Single Horse and Pony Classes – BC Open Singles 2021 *NO CHANGE
(See PDF as this test is no longer available on the BC website)

Intermediate Single Horse and Pony classes – BC Test 2 (2022) **NEW UPDATED
Tandems – BC Test 2 (2022) **NEW UPDATED
Horse and Pony Pairs classes – BC Test 2 (2022) **NEW UPDATED

Thank you. Denise Taylor, Secretary NICDA×300.jpg