Classes                      NICDA                           Dressage Tests

Pre Novice——————————BHDTA_Pre-Novice test 2008
Novice Pony—————————-Novice Classes/BHDTA Novice 100/80 2011
Novice Horse—————————Novice Classes/BHDTA Novice 100/80 2011
Novice Pairs Ponies /Horses——-Novice Classes/BHDTA Novice 100/80 2011
Open Horse—————————-Open Classes/BHDTA test 1A 2009
Open Pairs Ponies /Horses——–Open Classes/BHDTA test 1A 2009
Tandems——————————-Tandems BHDTA Novice 100/80
Four-in-Hand Ponies /Horses——Four-in-Hand Ponies /Horses BHDTA Novice 100/80

Presentation for all Novice Classes including Pairs.
Obstacle Cone Driving, standard BHDTA width of vehicles apply.
The Organiser reserves the right to combine or split any class.
Note: You are advised to check the event schedule to confirm the tests for each event.

Dressage Test For Indoors is Test 10.
Click here to see Sheet:-   http://www.indoordriving.co.uk/pdf/ihdtc_test_no_10_2005.pdf

or Click Here to go to the BHDTA

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