Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. I haven’t been on for a while and I think I missed a few posts,can I retrieve them.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “Older Posts

How do I print out a Membership Form?
Go to “Contact Us” (top of Home Page) from drop down menu, click on Membership Form, then click on (blue) link. Move mouse to Bottom Right of page & click printer symbol.

Q. How do I print out the latest Event Calendar?
Click on “Event Calendar” (top of Home Page) & click on (blue) link(Event Calendar for “Date”). Move mouse to Bottom Right of page & click printer symbol.If your printer is shown in “Destination” ( on left) then click  “Print”.

Q. How do I view the Photos?
Click on “Photo Gallery” (top of Home Page) & pick a folder by clicking on the title. For example, if you click on “2013 Photos” , you will get  more folders to pick from, pick a folder by clicking on the title. Click on photo to enlarge, then use “Next” to move to next photo or click on thumbnails (small Pics) above.
To go back to start click on NI carriage Driving, above thumbnail pics, or below Home. Then click on “Back to NI Carriage Driving Association Blog” on the right hand side near top. this will take you back to the website………..Enjoy.

Q. How can I Improve our website?
Send in Photos or Reports or Stories,or Comments (not necessarily horse related) on past or up-coming  events (praise or suggestions) that you think might be of interest to other members. Weddings, New Arrivals (with photos), Birthdays Etc. I will edit and put them on the website. At the moment we have a steady stream of visitors to the site every week about 80% returning and 20% new. Please help me to keep it Interesting and Informative. 

Leave a Reply/Comment below. This (reply/comment) section below is only visible to you and me (The Editor), no one else can see this information on their computer. Your request/comment/instructions/advertisement, comes directly to me where i will edit/compose a post to publish on the website. Please add photos with your adverts if possible. Or Email me at eugene.hegarty1@gmail.com


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