New Year Message from the NICDA Committee

As 2021 has started, the committee have been diligently burrowing away in the background trying to make sense of the new challenges that come with both Brexit and Covid 19.

With the new Covid restrictions we are unfortunately unable to arrange an AGM for our members as we are not permitted to hold gatherings. With this in mind the committee, through numerous Teams and Zoom Meetings, are proposing the following:

Current Members, (2020 paid Subscriptions), will receive in the mail in February the following:

  • A letter from the Associations’ current committee which will outline the activities of the committee over the past year.
  • A financial summary of the accounts for the Association for the year 2020
  • The committees’ proposals for the upcoming year. These proposals will be subject to change given the uncertainty of things at the moment.
  • Chairman’s reflections on 2020 and hopes for 2021.
  • Proposal form for election onto the committee.
  • 2021 membership reminders, (memberships can be aid via PayPal or by cheque)
  • Consent for payment of committee expenses

Not only have your committee been dealing with the complexity of Covid restrictions and allowances but also with the effects of Brexit on competition and competitors who wish to compete in UK mainland and ROI events.

As a reminder the following members comprise the associations’ management committee.

PATRON Louis O’Neill

PRESIDENT Ian Campbell

CHAIRMAN Dominic Muldoon

SECRETARY Pauline Campbell

TREASURER Alwyn Morrison


P R O Ivor Harper


Lewis Black, Sinead McIntyre, John Goodwin, Tom Carson, William Lamont & Terry Logan

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